The next Free Comic Book Day is only 347 days away!  Don’t get caught unprepared!  Check out for more details!

Green Lantern was a popular choice that day.  This dude made it easy, since he already looked pretty Hal Jordan-y.

This fella made a pretty good Peter Parker.  You can’t see it now, but as I was drawing him, he really did have those wavy Spider Sense lines above his head.

Here’s a young Supergirl fan.  It was gratifying to see how many young readers the event attracted.  I hope they enjoyed the Free Comic selections.  There were some great ones this year.

Even though she was only Robin for a few issues, Stephanie Brown remains pretty popular with readers, this gal in particular!

Thor was another popular choice of character this year, which makes sense as that was the big Marvel premiere the night before.  This guy was a pretty natural choice for Odin’s sonny boy. 

Part of Amazing Stories’ promotion was that if you came to the store in costume, you received an extra discount, so the cosplayers were out in full force--which made it easier for me to draw, as all I had to do was observe what was in front of me. 

Another Hal Jordan.  Looks pretty fearless to me.

Another Thor, this time a lady Thor.  Or would that make her Valkyrie

One of my favourite requests on the day, Booster Gold, the greatest hero you’ve never heard of!

The lone villainous request of the day.  The photo of the sketch didn’t turn out, but it was Lex Luthor.  Pretty cheerful for Lex Luthor.

Another gal who went all out with her costume! 

Aside from Thor, it was mostly DC Comics characters--except for this hombre, who wanted a Captain America

Even some of the dedicated staff at Amazing got into the act.  You can’t see the antlers, but Sarah requested a sketch of herself with antlers a la Jeff Lemire’s brilliant “Sweet Tooth”. 

This comic fan was a dead ringer for the Wizard Shazam.  Do they get New York Jets games at the Rock of Eternity? 

And lastly, a dead-on Zatanna.  Hcteks ruoy dekil uoy epoh!

All in all, it was a great experience, and I was able to raise some dough for a very worthwhile charity.  Amazing Stories really knows how to put on a Free Comic Book Day.  No wonder they’re finalists for the Shuster Award for Best Comic Book Store in Canada.  I hope their upcoming in-store guest Ethan Van Sciver has as much fun there as I did that day!

Thanks for reading.  More updates are coming soon with shots from the gallery exhibition I was in out in Vancouver, some more step by step drawings, as well as that SNL post I was promising.  There’ll also be some news about some classes I’ll be instructing in the Fall.  Stay tuned, friends!

Goodnight, I love you.