Did you know the Queen is the head of the Canadian Government?  Of course you did--everyone knows that! 

Did you know you can become a fan of the Monarchy on Facebook?  And while you’re at it, why not become a fan of Don Sparrow, who is a fan of the Monarchy? 

So keeping my affection for the monarchy in mind, when I was asked to once again be a part of Vancouver’s Seymour Art Gallery’s “Start with Art” display, I wanted a common theme to tie the different works I’d be presenting together.  With the CBC celebrating its’ 75th Anniversary this past November, I made an effort to have all the pieces I produced to be related to the CBC.  Whether they were figures featured on CBC, or part of historical events that the CBC covered, I wanted the common theme to be proudly Canadian.  I’ll delve a bit deeper into those choices in a future blog post, a little closer to the date of the exhibition (May 1-13th, by the way) but my entries are bookended by ink portraits of the Queen, likely one of the most photographed or painted figures in the whole world.  The first one is of the young Queen, only recently having been crowned, and the other a more recent look at the great lady.  Here they are.    

So there you have it, a bit of pride in my heritage, and a couple of ink drawings.  Stay tuned for further info about the exhibition at the Seymour, as well as that summer convention announcement (which I’ll talk about the very moment they announce me as a guest!).  Plus more art and opinions.  Thanks for reading, I love you.

As the Beatles said, Her Majesty really is a pretty nice girl. 

My wife once asked me who I’d rather have dinner with, from a selection of my heroes, like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Bono, etc, finally also listing the Queen.  As cool as it would be to meet those folks, I can’t imagine anything cooler than dining with HRH.