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I missed out on this convention last year, so I’m very pleased to be a part of it this time around.  Especially since the Saskatoon Inn was the site of my wedding reception, so that building has a lot of personal meaning as well.

And it won’t just be me there; the Blitz is attracting some big name talent.  From the entertainment world, there’s Billy West, acclaimed voice actor of Futurama and many other projects.  From the world of Superhero comics, the great Tom Grummett will be  on hand, as well as acclaimed and gifted indie talents like Kurtis Wiebe, Scott Kowalchuk and Riley Rossmo.    

Laura, Beth, and the crew have really worked hard to make it a special event, so I really hope that Saskatoon’s comics community turns out in big numbers. 

Speaking of Laura,  I recently completed a commission for her, a portrait of her as a superhero.  Not too hard to imagine, since Laura is one of the most renowned cosplayers in our fair city.  And since it wouldn’t be a proper blog post without some artwork, here’s how the portrait turned out! 

So there you have it!  If you’re on the fence about attending, please do come on out.  It’s going to a terrific event, and your attendance is the best way to ensure that conventions like this continue and grow here on the prairies. 

Stay tuned for more gallery and Free Comic Book Day news soon!

Thanks for reading, I love you.